Community practices-Faculty of Tourism and hospitality


Director: M. Sc. Fanny Manner Baldeón
Project: Tourist development of the enclosure the historical Buijo-Canton Samborondón.
number of students to participate for academic period: 11
Teacher Number: One
Summary: The present project is based on the interinstitutional agreement UEES-Municipality of Samborondón signed at the end of the year 2017 and that seeks to unify efforts for the development of the enclosure the historical Buijo belonging to the Canton Samborondón. The project aims to know the perception of the community in relation to the tourism development of the Buijo, to raise an inventory of tourist attractions of the area and the development of competencies of the residents through training workshops Tourist.


Director: Andrés Padilla Gallegos, MBA. MSc.
Project: Support for capacity development in the Santay Island community.
number of students to participate for academic period: 25
Teacher Number: 2
Summary: The final objective of this project is the strengthening and development of the capacities of the community, as well as the improvement of its environment, so that its tourist proposal can respond to a greater degree and in a better way to the visitor, improving with it Their future prospects. In this sense, there have been several actions directed to the improvement of the tourist proposal, not only in present, but with a view to the future; That is, including knowledge of the community's social perception of tourism activity as a basis for successful future development. For this purpose the participation of students of both the Faculty of Tourism and hospitality, as well as the economy and graphic design has been proposed.


Project: Program to strengthen community tourism ventures in the province of Guayas.
Summary: Tourism is an activity that has been implemented in several sites as a sustainable source of resources for destinations. In parallel, tourism has developed in many rural areas, where there are natural spaces and cultural manifestations that are the basis for generating products. In the current regime has been given a greater impetus, and has been consolidated as a fundamental tool of development not only at the level of the central government, as municipalities, prefectures and parish meetings have incorporated it as part of their actions. The present program, carried out jointly with the prefecture of Guayas, establishes an accompaniment to the action of the rural communities, in order to consolidate their offers, which in certain cases involve an important group of service providers, their Families and other key stakeholders in the environment.

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