Community practices-Faculty of Systems, telecommunications and electronics

2018-Systems Engineering

Director: engineer Mónica Flores Marín
Project: Implementation of structured cabling for the laboratory of the Blood Bank and Web application for the administration of vehicles of the Red Cross organization of Guayas.
number of students to participate for academic period: 13
Number of teachers: Two
Summary: The objective of this project is to implement a network of structured cabling for the laboratories of the blood bank and a Web application that allows to register all the mobilizations of the vehicles that manages the Red Cross of Guayas. To achieve this, the project will be divided into three phases or stages in which all vehicles with their characteristics will be stored first, then all the movements that they perform in order to carry out queries and reports will be recorded. Finally the application will have options to review maintenance of different classes to the vehicles in order to always be operative.

2017-Systems Engineering

Director: Ing Vilma Álvarez Intriago.
Project: Implementation of the website in "Fundación ADES"
number of students to participate for academic period: 5
Teacher Number: 1
Summary: The purpose of this project is to implement the Web page of Fundación ADES, with the students of the Faculty of Systems, electronics and telecommunications of the UEES that are doing liaison practices. The same that will be programmed in PHP free software with best practices and with appropriate methodology. As a result, the ADES Foundation will have a website where it will show all its activities and help the citizens who need the benefits of it.

2017-Telecommunications engineering

Director: Eng. Luis Benavides Castillo
Project: AInfraestructura Technology for a wireless network in the new Millennium School.
number of students to participate for academic period: 12
Teacher Number: 2
Summary: This project is intended to implement a wireless network in the new millennium School, with students from the Faculty of Systems, electronics and telecommunications, specialty telecommunications, UEES, which are conducting practices Link. This network will be designed to meet the standards of structured cabling, adequate levels of signal to provide coverage to specific locations and also with network traffic suited to the needs. The effect of these actions, will be that the new Millennium School, have a wireless network that will provide Internet service, so that students and teachers obtain the benefits that contribute to strengthen the educational activity.


Technology Office Summary: New technologies are a key component in improving the efficiency and efficiency of productive processes and businesses. Therefore, the correct allocation and creation of technological resources are an indispensable tool in the strategic and public interest sectors. In this virtue, the project called "Technological Office" provides advice and/or consultancy in the area of systems, telecommunications and electronics for the sectors of society that do not have the resources to incorporate the New technologies as part of their productivity. The technology office through its teachers and students will facilitate access to new technologies through the development of specific projects whose scope is defined according to the needs and objectives of the beneficiary sectors.

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