Community practices-Faculty of Communication


Director: Magister Sylvia Poveda benites
Project: Communication Plan for the diffusion and brand positioning of the association of Cangrejeros 6 de Julio
number of students to participate for academic period: At least 16.
Number of teachers: Three
Summary: In the first instance, a diagnosis will be made to know about the sustainable management processes practiced by the Association 6 de Julio. This will generate a comprehensive communication proposal to position the brand in the minds of wholesalers and end consumers. This proposal will be developed with a focus on four professional perspectives:

Marketing with a market research, communication with a communications diagnosis, design with positioning of brand identity and publicity (crab cluster from capture to commercialization).


Director: Andrés Villacís Olvera Ms C.
Project: Integral communication Plan for microenterprises of the La Aurora satellite parish.
number of students to participate for academic period: 14
Number of Teachers: 4
Summary: The project presents a comprehensive communication plan aimed at microentrepreneurs of the La Aurora parish that will be developed with strategic and operational objectives and involve Marketing and communication careers in the first stage and the careers of Journalism and graphic design in the last stage.

Admissions 2021