Engagement with society

About the Director

Teresa Ortega

  • Teresa Ortega
  • tortegac@uees.edu.ec
  • 2835630 ext. 279


Vinculación con la Sociedad


To promote, through its academic units, the management of university projects and programs for community engagement in areas of the country’s development.


To be a university referent in community engagement activities with society through sustainable and participative models that will lead to reaching the University’s strategic urposes.

General purpose

To promote UEES and academic units interaction with society and with different sectors, in order to achieve the development of society’s different programs and projects in the framework of both university regulations and Ecuadorian legislation.

Specific purposes

  • Cooperate active participation of the various actors in order to achieve the development of programs, projects and activities.
  • Strengthen professional training.
  • Achieve agreements with outside organisms for the development of mutual interest programs.

Research lines

No. Research line Sub-line research
1 Health
  • Public health
  • Molecular Biology
  • Nutrition and food
2 Environment and natural resources
  • Sustainability and social business responsibility
3 Social and Good Living sciences
  • Art and culture
  • Education and psychology
  • Locally based tourism
  • Social, economic financial and legal studies
  • Information and communications technology studies in different social surroundings
  • Family Companies
4 Construction
  • Constructive and innovative methodologies
5 Computer science and tele- communication
  • Computation technologies that integrate hardware and software
  • Intelligent systems
  • Operating and distributing systems
  • New technologies integrated to tele-communication

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