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Dr. Oscar del Brutto

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University’s Social Responsibility

“The university considers that sustainability, the university’s social responsibility and responsible education principles are the guidelines for the management and execution of every university process”.

Words of the Rector, Dr. Joaquín Hernández, at the Communication of Engagement (COE), 2015.

"It is all sustained by a MODEL OF SOCIAL UNIVERSITY RESPONSIBILITY (SUR), which is structured starting from the determination of interest groups (both internal and external) and from the impact of each of the SUR dimensions, schematically represented:

Modelo de Responsabilidad Social Universitaria

UEES adheres to the United Nation’s May 2010 Global Pact, which supports the ten principles that are related to Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anticorruption. In this manner an obligation is established to further the above within its everyday activities and within its sphere of influence, as well as account delivery to society about the processes carried out.

As a part of betting on the adoption of social responsibility reference frameworks at an international level, UEES works, on implementing the six Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Guidelines for furthering University Social Education (USE) are supplied by these principles to academic institutions so that they can incorporate universal values into their study plans, into their research and into community engagement projects.

Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) were created for the purpose of guiding upper teaching centers toward a continuous improvement of sustainability as well as a constant development of a new generation of business leader who are capable of managing the challenges that organizations and society face in thee XXI while they respect the principles of the Global Pact.

UEES is conscious of the impacts that administrative, academic and community engagement and extension management, have a direct influence on sustainable development through ethics, transparency, dialogue and account delivery generating the changes that are required by society.

Starting from the fact that UEES adhered to the Global Pact, the groups of interest may be identified the Social Responsibility Committee was created and it was aligned with the university’s Strategic Plan and a route sheet was defined; work has been performed ever since. Reports of yearly account delivery show to the university community and the groups of interest the results that were obtained.

The Communication on Engagement report (COE) was prepared in the year 2016. UEES’s adherence to the Ecuador Network Global Pact was also reactivated on that year.

Sustainability 2016 – 2017 report

Ecuador Network Global Pact

Community engagement projects

As a part of the University’s Social Responsibility, UEES systematically carries out Community engagement projects. Students and teachers participate in such projects. In that manner, social impact is achieved which the cycle of university substantive processes is closed: Teaching-Research- Community Engagement

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