Management report


  • Strategic institutional development plan
  • Account delivery
  • Financial statements
  • Tariffs

Strategic institutional development plan

Espiritu Santo Specialties University (UEES) submits its Strategic Institutional Development Plan (SIDP) for the 2014-2018 period where its medium and long projection is kept. The plan also keeps the mission and the vision. The objects and the strategies to be followed are also kept in the strategic institutional development plan.

Account delivery

Espiritu Santo Specialties University (UEES), presents a report of institutional account delivery in order to fulfill the requirements of the Organic Law of Upper Education (OLUE), and, at the same time, to fill the need for due information about the achievements and projections to the university community, the control organisms and society. Account delivery here presented shows the work of the university community’s as well as the complexity and the diversity of all the elements that the university is made up of and which are the basis for the establishment of new challenges.

Financial Statements

The transparency indicator must be complied with: it is shown by the financial statements and payments of the Espiritu Santo Specialties University (UEES).

  • Pay
  • Budget execution


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