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Espiritu Santo University

We welcome you to the UEES University Residence. We ask you to keep in mind the following security requirements and the regulations for the proper use of the facility.

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Access to the Residence

  • Access to the complex is exclusively by presentation of the UEES ID. This ID permits entrance y using the side door of the Medical School.
  • If this ID is lost, the resident must report the loss to the UEES administration which will give a new ID after its value has been paid to the cashier.
  • The improper use or the loan of the ID to a non-resident may result in the loss of residence rights, plus all the applicable sanctions.
  • Rooms may not be contracted for a time shorter than an academic period. No reimbursement will be made if a resident leaves earlier.

Residencia UniversitariaS

Furniture and equipment

  • Rooms will be adequately furnished with a bed, a night-table, curtains, and will be properly equipped. Residents must bring their own bed-sheets and towels.
  • Residents are responsible for the fur nature and equipment of the residence and of the social areas. If the residence’s furniture or equipment are lost or damaged by misuse, their value must be assumed by the responsible party. If none can be identified all the guests must assume the value, proportionally.
  • Any equipment damage or room abnormality must be reported at once to the administration.


  • Guests or residents may be visited only by their parents; visits must be notified in advance to the residence manager and to the gate. Persons who are not registered as residents may not stay in the rooms. The administration may carry on inspections at any time to verify the correct use of the residence.
  • Only residents or authorized visitors are permitted entrance to the residence. Strangers or students who are not registered are strictly prohibited from entering.


  • Washing clothes or ironing them in the rooms or hanging laundry in the curtain rods is strictly forbidden. There are laundry spaces in the ground floor.
  • Preparing food is forbidden. (This includes the use of kitchenettes or similar gadgets); the residence kitchen is available to guests for this purpose and is implemented with everything that may be necessary.
  • Music, TV or electronic equipment and hair driers are permitted in the rooms. Residents may have a small refrigerator or auxiliary equipment, if previously authorized.
  • Pets are forbidden from entering residences.
  • Smoking is prohibited. Smoking is allowed only in designated spaces (yards).
  • Using or having psychotropic substances alcoholic drinks or anything, generally speaking, having in the residence installations any type of weapon or any object that may be bothersome for neighboring residents.

Inobservance of the rules may result in sanctions form the Discipline Commission of the school the student belongs to, or by the Residence´s Discipline Committee. Residents may be punished for disciplinary reasons, for attempting to morals, for vandalism acts or for actions that the committee may consider contrary to these rules.

Note: Common rules that determine that the use of the swimming pool and othe installations for common residential use must be observed by residence guests.


  • The complex has parking space that may be used after paying a fee, since the rooms do not include parking space. Residents may also use UEES parking, as found necessary.

Contract form

A two-month deposit is required. In case of damage, its value may be deducted from this deposit. The shortest contract time permitted is one academic semester. There will be no specific contract time in case of special program exchange foreign students. There will be no reimburse for any cause.

EIn case a student wishes to pay in advance for a full year, a 15% discount will be granted.

Note: Anything unusual in the residences should be reported to the Department of Admissions or the Department of Administration: Mrs. Luz Maria Pesantes ext. 105 or Maria Jose Avila ext. 204.

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