Welcome from the General Manager

RPC-SO-26-No.446-2016 06 July 2016 - In-person mode

Alberto Dahik Garzozi-Postgrado-Director-UEES

We salute those who wish to be distinguished members of the Graduate School of the Espiritu Santo University.

Graduate school, seeks to be and remain at the highest level, where academic excellence is combined with the integral training of the Administrator; where the scientific, moral and ethical and commitment to society are founded to produce Workers, entrepreneurs, of unquestionable professional value, but also of a great commitment to society.

The Graduate school understands that students receive our knowledge, but also understands that they feed us with their aspirations, ideas, projects and goals.

In this symbiosis of teaching and learning, we see an interrelation, which makes us all grow: students and teachers throughout the whole.

Open to the world and international contacts, oriented to serve the specific needs of business and Ecuadorian society, we ratify our commitment to remain leaders in the training of executives, administrators and Empren Ecuadorian thumbs.

Econ. Alberto Dahik Garzozi
Director General Postgraduate Faculty
ESAI Business School