Master's degree in Occupational Safety and health

RPC-SO-26-No.446-2016 06 July 2016 - In-person mode

Maestría en Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional-Postgrado-Director-UEES

Dedication of the program

The master's program in Occupational safety and Health has a duration of 24 months of classes, divided into modules.

In total, in the two years of the program, 2200 academic hours are developed.

Academic Content

The Foundation and foundation of the program are established during the first year. This is because its structure is designed for the acquisition by the student of all the tools and knowledge necessary for the management of the safety and occupational Health in the company. During this period, participants know the interrelation of prevention techniques and technical know-how.

The participants follow all the subjects in the same order already defined and only it will be possible to establish a 20% of validation of subjects and if the 80% of the matter coincides with the thematic proposed in our < a href="Mesh-curricular. php "> curricular mesh.

The second year is aimed at deepening how to move the strategy to the implementation of projects for the prevention of occupational hazards.

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