Master's degree in law with a mention in business law

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About the Dean

Pablo Alarcón-Postgrado-Director-UEES


Maestría en Derecho con Mención en Derecho de Empresa


The master's degree in Business Law aims to train professionals who have strong legal training in areas related to the business world, promoting scientific research, which will allow them to solve legal problems In new environments characterized by globalization, applying the rules with speed and expertise within an ethical and social responsibility framework.

Specific Objectives

  • to make known to the teachers the right to freedom of company recognized in the Constitution, as well as the rights and obligations of the legal persons.
  • explain what are the main legal documents involved in the daily activities of the company, as well as the different contractual possibilities framed by the law.
  • to deepen the knowledge of workers ' and employees ' rights, their obligations, the employer's powers and their limitations.
  • to promote the understanding of the criminal responsibility of legal persons.
  • to teach about the obligations of the company in tax matters, as well as the situations of risk against the Treasury.
  • offer participants an up-to-date perspective on the means of conflict resolution as well as intellectual property rights.

aimed at

Professionals in the area of law with third level terminal, who wish to deepen their legal-mercantile training and obtain specialized training against new professional challenges within the legal world and the Empres A.

title to be awarded

"Master in Business Law"

Student Profile When graduating

The graduates of the Master's degree will enjoy the necessary knowledge so that they can discern the different solutions to the problems that arise in the practical life of a company; analyzing the information to determine the relevance and make decisions; So that they can be an active part in defending a trial or within their company, and that they are able to manage solutions to the needs of their clients or companies.

will have the capacity to assume the challenges of the new business reality, inserted in the phenomenon of globalization, either as an entrepreneurial adviser, public official, teacher or researcher.

Master graduates will be able to know:

  • the fundamental rights and obligations of legal persons.
  • the private property regime and its legal system.
  • the different types of business contracts, contractual clauses, assignment of contracts, contractual interpretation.
  • the current legal treatment with respect to the labor factor, workers ' and employees ' rights, their obligations, the employer's powers and their limitations.
  • the legal-tax relationship of the company, rights of the taxpayers, powers and competences of the SRI.
  • the basic notions of criminal law and criminal responsibility of legal persons.
  • the aspects related to the application of the lifting of the corporate veil, public and private and with academic capacities to be protagonists in the production and application of the legal norms. In addition to producing and exercising critical work of national jurisprudence.
  • the means of settling legal disputes and intellectual property rights.

International Internship

The program includes the opportunity of an international internship where students have the option of taking a seminar at an outside university or attending a research center with which the UEES maintains an agreement. The internship is optional and is not included in the cost of the program.

Admission Process

  1. delivery of documents and payment of registration

    Two red manila folders must be delivered with the following information: Each folder must contain:
      • Admission Form Duly filled.
      • 2 copies of the third-level terminal title notarized along with the respective copy of registration in SENESCYT.
      • Updated resume.
      • Supporting documents that validate the CV information.
      • 2 Certificates of work performance   or work references.
      • 1 Labor certificate justifying the requested experience.
      • 2 copies of the identity card.
      • 2 copies Certificate of vote.
      • 2 passport size photos. * Folders that are not complete will not be receptadas.
  2. Perform aptitude test

    The aptitude test consists of three parts and allows us to measure in the applicant: basic knowledge, behavioral traits, skills, interests and personality.
  3. Interview

  4. selection Process

    Once the applicant has completed the entire admission process, the Graduate Admissions committee meets to analyze the profiles as well as the results of the tests and interviews and proceeds to declare the appropriate students To pursue the postgraduate course.
  5. tuition fees and first tuition

    fees Once the applicant is admitted, he/she must cancel the values detailed below. If you decide to withdraw from the program, they will not be reimbursed.

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