Curricular Mesh

RPC-SO-18-No.329-2017 May 17, 2017 - In-person mode

Maestría en Derecho Constitucional-Postgrado-Director-UEES

Name of the subject or module Curricular Organization Unit
Academic Writing Degree
Neoconstitucioalismo Basic
State and Constitution theory Basic
Democracy, participation and social watch Disciplining/multidisciplinar
State and decentralized autonomous governments Disciplining/multidisciplinar
Systems of sources of law and constitutional jurisprudence Basic
Economic Constitutional Law Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Fundamental Rights theory Basic
Economic, social and cultural rights Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Effective Judicial guardianship and due process Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Constitutional interpretation Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Theory of legal argumentation Básica
Constitutional Control Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Research Methodology Degree
Jurisdictional guarantees of the rights I Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Jurisdictional guarantees of rights II Discipline/Multidisciplinary
International instruments and systems for the protection of human rights Discipline/Multidisciplinary
Research techniques Degree
Constitutional procedural practices Basic
Research project Formulation Workshop Degree
Qualification work Degree