Master's degree in Constitutional law

RPC-SO-18-No.329-2017 May 17, 2017 - In-person mode

Maestría en Derecho Constitucional-Postgrado-Director-UEES


Project jurists committed to rights and social reality, capable of evaluating critically, rigorously, with parameters of interculturality, the effectiveness of the constitutional system.

aimed at

Professionals with a third level degree in the area of law duly registered in the SENESCYT.

title to obtain: Master's degree in Constitutional law.

professional profile to be obtained

The graduate of the Master's degree will be a professional with competences for:

  • formulate a holistic vision of contemporary constitutionalism, its application and effects in Ecuadorian society.
  • identify and assimilate the effects of irradiation generated by the constitutional state of Rights and justice.
  • evaluate critically, from reality, the effectiveness of the theories and norms that compose the constitutional system.
  • assimilate the normativeness of the values, principles and constitutional rules and their effects in the way of interpreting and applying the norms.
  • to unravel the design and effectiveness of constitutional rights and guarantees in Ecuador.
  • to resolve the effects or threats to constitutional rights through the proper use of constitutional guarantees.
  • understand the role of the State in the guardianship and guarantee of the rights of the people.
  • contribute to the guardianship and guarantee of the rights of the priority attention groups.
  • to unravel the essential content of constitutional rights.
  • understand the effects and scope of the plurinational and intercultural nature of the state.
  • formulate proposals of public policies, with parameters of interculturality and gender, that allow to reach the necessary minimums for an effective enjoyment of the rights.
  • understand and apply standards of international human rights protection systems.
  • exercise adequate control of constitutionality and convention.
  • assimilate the value of constitutional jurisprudence as a source of permanent assessment of the Efectividaddel constitutional state.

Duration of the program

24 months

Class Schedules

Friday: 18:00 to 22:00
Saturdays and Sundays: 08:00 to 14:00

Qualification Method

Score minimum 70/100 in each subject.