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Who are we?

Centro de Investigaciones

Espiritu Santo University (UEES), by means of its Research Center (RC) has experienced significant advances in internal and external scientific production in in research projects investigation and in local and international publications in the publication of academic and scientific books, scientific journals and development of technologies, technological innovation, execution of a program of external mobility, integration of research networks that will permit teachers, researches and research assistants to interchange knowledge with similar universities as well as researdh centers to prepare joint proposals the results of which will equally solve local, regional and international problems and will likewise work with the production sector proposing business and consulting services.

The entire UEES scientific production is based on the research lines that were drawn upon the objectives of the National Good Living Plan.


The UEES Research Center’s mission is to generate the University’s scientific production which comprises the development and innovation of technologies, research and knowledge transfer by means of scientific writing, academic and technical books, research network formation, intellectual property protection, managing and diffusing results to better serve the community, and strengthening academic relations and the production sector as well as business and consulting services.


To be, in coming years, a National Academy referent for Scientific Research by means of its research infrastructure, human talent strengthening, use of new technologies,network formation, contribution to scientific production and generation of new knowledge, solution of the community’s internal and external social, economic and cultural problems and strengthening of relations with the production sector.

General purpose

To contribute to our country’s social, economic and cultural development through the results of scientific production and the generation of new knowledge and of research for the improvement of the population’s life quality.

Specific purposes

  • To foster scientific research as a basic UEES institutional activity raising its qualitative level and the relevance of research and of new knowledge transfer within and from the university.
  • Inculcate our University’s academic and scientific work in an effective and permanent manner to the different levels of the country’s private and public productive sectors, to communities by means of different forms of interaction both traditional and innovative.
  • To promote in academic units, the constant search for joining teaching and research as parts of the strategy for academic and research training.
  • Substantially promoting the publication of our research in texts, books, high impact indexed research journals, as well as research results in transcendental events and organization of contests that will lead to the general knowledge of new cognition.
  • Intellectual property protection for all academic or scientific production generated by the UEES academic and scientific community, among others.
  • Orienting UEES research toward a focus based on the search for intellectual quality and on thematic relevance of its contribution and sustainable and inter- disciplinary systemic focus, that reflexes the university’s mission and vision.
  • Research network formation.


  • Planning, coordinating and fostering basic and applied UEES interior and exterior research contributing to decentralization of scientific development and production of new knowledge proposing integral solutions to priority problems of the country, the region and the world.
  • Knowledge in depth of the country’s reality through the techhnical study of the country’s social, environmental and economic problems planning concrete and coherent solutions with the environment.
  • Make specialized advice to the public and the private sectors through rendering services of an administrative, social environmental and technological nature.
  • Intellectual property registration for all of UEES’s academic creations.
  • Make new knowledge generally known and transfer it and scientific research results for the solution of social and economic problems.
  • Research network formation with institutions in the country and abroad.

Research lines

Nu Research line Sub-line research
1 Health
  • Public health
  • Molecular Biology
  • Nutrition and food
2 Environment and natural resources
  • Sustainability and social business responsibility
3 Social and Good Living sciences
  • Art and culture
  • Education and psychology
  • Locally based tourism
  • Social, economic financial and legal studies
  • Information and communications technology studies in different social surroundings
  • Family Companies
4 Construction
  • Constructive and innovative methodologies
5 Computer science and tele- communication
  • Computation technologies that integrate hardware and software
  • Intelligent systems
  • Operating and distributing systems
  • New technologies integrated to tele-communication

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