Preguntas Frecuentes sobre Intercambio UEES

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    Our international coordinator can provide you with more specific information about your Exchange destination. The hours of attention are in the International Affairs Office located in the building F, next to the auditorium Galo García Feraud.

    The International Affairs Office is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, you can request information at this time.

    To contact the international coordinator via email, make it to the following address < a href=" "> (Christian Párraga Ramírez)

when can I apply and when would I go for Exchange?

There are 2 calls per year. In the following table you will find information about dates and periods of exchange

I apply to the exchange in I'm going to do exchange in
January-February September to December of the same year (FALL)
June-July January to April/May next year (SPRING)

should I have a requirement to apply?

Yes, there are 2 general requirements:

  • you must have 12 UEES classes approved at the time of application (no validated classes from other institutions)
  • It is recommended to have at least 85 of GPA to apply (not an exclusionary condition)

How many times can I go on Exchange?

A student can do up to 2 semesters of foreign exchange for academic life. It is not obligatory for them to be one after another, nor in the same institution

how can I apply to the exchange?

You must present the forms that you find in the following link < a href="application. php "> forms in the Office of International Relations during the calls (January/February or June/July)

After 1 or 2 weeks after the closing of the call, the coordination outbound will contact you with information from the next step, which can be or have an interview or provide a video presentation. To successfully approve the round of interviews/video, it will begin with the application at the university abroad.

Do they apply to the 3 college options I wrote on the form?

No, the options range from 1 to 3 in order of preference. If you fail to meet any requirement, or there is no quota at university 1, the application will begin at university 2 and so on.

I take ICP classes, do I need to take TOEFL for the time to apply to universities abroad?

If the university requires it, the applicant (s) must take the TOEFL as a requirement of the university abroad.


TOEFL note should I get?

Each university has its request and will be revised at the time of starting to apply, but usually are asked between 80-85 of general score and not less than 20-22 in each individual band.


the IAO me the visa procedure?

No, the visa procedure is of a personal nature. IAO provides limited advice regarding visa procedures.

where will I live during my stay?

Depending on the University of destination, this could offer students university residences. For universities that do not have university residences (most of them in Europe), the university abroad gives advice to look for housing.

is it possible to apply for a scholarship to exchange?

At the moment, there is the possibility of applying for scholarships administered by foreign governments: for the ELAP Scholarship in Canada (only offered for FALL semester) and for the PIMA Network scholarship at the University of Almería (only offered for seme Stress FALL).

The Manuela Saenz Scholarship for Exchange in Chile (only offered for SPRING semester).

Kansai University Gaidai also offers a scholarship to live in their student residences (applies for any semester).

The ELAP scholarship gives the student 7200 Canadian dollars (CAD) for 1 semester of exchange for 1 single time in life.

The PIMA Network Scholarship gives the student between 1300 and 2000 Euros for 1 semester.

The Manuela Saenz Scholarship grants roundtrip tickets and a monthly stipend of 800,000 Chilean pesos during the exchange time.

does the IAO help me to apply for these scholarships?

Yes, students considered eligible receive coordination advice to apply to the scholarships listed in point 10.

are the subjects you take abroad validated in UEES?

Yes, classes taken abroad are validated back at UEES as long as they have been approved and registered in the pre-validation form.

what does 1 semester of exchange cost?

The exchange semester costs $3435 USD. It's a fixed value that allows you to take 3-5 classes. The value is the same in any of our partner universities and only includes tuition.

How much does it cost to live abroad?

This question has many answers and varies from country to country, so there is no definitive answer. However, in < a href="" target="_ Blank "> Numbeo. com You can get an idea of the cost of living around the world.

can I only go from Exchange to a college that has my career?

No, you can exchange at any university and not necessarily have your career. This being the case, you could take general subjects or the credits of classes in foreign language during your exchange.

does my scholarship at UEES (talent Plan etc) apply for the exchange semester?

The internal scholarships of UEES are for classes only in UEES, for that reason they would not apply to the semesters of exchange. Students with internal scholarships may apply for Exchange semesters, but the scholarship does not transcend the cost of the exchange semester.

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