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    Our international coordinator can provide you with more specific information about your Exchange destination. The hours of attention are in the International Affairs Office located in the building F, next to the auditorium Galo García Feraud.

    The International Affairs Office is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, you can request information at this time.

    To contact the international coordinator via email, make it to the following address outboundcoordinator@uees.edu.ec (Christian Párraga Ramírez)

Estudiantes UEES

abroad programs for students.

La UEES offers its students the opportunity to discover the world through its International Affairs Office.
With agreements in countries around the world, 's Student exchange program welcomes students from different faculties each semester to study abroad.

How to apply

Review the < a href="directory. PHP "> List of universities with agreement and decide for 3 options that interest you for the exchange. You will find access to the list in the left section of this web page.

To apply to the exchange program you need to prepare the following documentation in PDF separate:

  • Declaration of intent of application *
  • signed Intent Letter (at least 1 veneer) * *
  • color copy of Passport information page
  • Letter of recommendation from Dean
  • Financial support form *
  • Transcript Academic
  • Teacher Recommendation Form *

← * The forms needed to apply are available on the left side of this page.

* * Those applying to English speaking universities need to write the letter of intent in .

Once you have the documentation ready, you must fill in the < a href="application. php "> online form that you find in the left section of this website and upload the aforementioned documentation.

To bring the physical documents of application to the Office of International Relations.

Approximately 2 weeks after the closing of the application period we will communicate with all the applicants with news about the postulation.

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