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School of Tourism and Hotelery

RPC-SO-25-No.488-2017 from July 19, 2017. Face-to-face

Touristic planning and development

Facultad de Derecho, Política y Desarrollo

Career description

A Tourism degree granted by UEES’s Tourism and Hotelery School is a trilingual, multi- disciplinary third level career that offers students the possibility of choosing between two itineraries:

  • Touristic Planning and Development, in which cognition is focused on the design, management and developing of touristic products and destinations.
  • Food and Drink, which imparts cognition focused on the management, direction and administration of establishments linked to the restaurant industry.

The duration of this career is 4.5 years. Students who complete more than one half of their subjects in English may be granted a B.A. in Tourism.

Competencies and Skills

A student who is granted a UEES degree in Tourism and Hotelery is a professional who is possessed of the following competencies and skills:

  • He/she is capable of applying strategic thinking oriented to the development of tourism.
  • He/she is capable of developing communication campaigns oriented to developing touristic demand.
  • He/she can identify customer’s touristic needs for decision taking.
  • He/she can evaluate touristic scenarios and participate in an active and innovating manner in their planning and development.
  • He/she can create, structure and coordinate management plans to develop touristic destinations both in the country and abroad.
  • He/she can design, evaluator and manage projects that will promote Ecuador’s touristic development.
  • He/she can develop forms of entrepreneurship that are linked to the tourism and restaurant industries.
  • He/she can communicate orally and in writing in Spanish, English and French.

Professional Outlook

Someone who has a UEES degree in touring may perform in the following positions as a function of the itinerary that has been picked:

  • Touristic project entrepreneur
  • Business and Marketing Director for companies liked to tourism.
  • Manager of food companies.
  • Director of tourist products.
  • Director of tourist campaigns.
  • Manager of tourist routes.
  • Responsible for touristic development programs.
  • Director of cultural and recreative establishments.
  • Restaurant manager.
  • Coordinator of congresses, fairs and conventions.
  • Quality coordinator of service companies.
  • Consultant and adviser for tourist, recreation and food and drink companies.

Fields of Action

  • Public Institutions devoted to planning, managing and developing local, national and international tourism.
  • NGOs linked to the development and management of tourist attractions and destinations.
  • Institutions and organizations of international cooperation, oriented to service and development both local and touristic.
  • Private companies linked to tourism, leisure, recreation, transportation and restaurants.
  • Companies dedicated to research, consulting, training and advising in the tourism and the food and drink industries.

Curricular net - Touristic planning and development

Curricular net - Food and Drink

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