School of Systems, Telecommunication and Electronics

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Antonio Cevallos

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Facultad de Sistemas, Telecomunicaciones y Electrónica

Career Description

The telecommunications career aims to train suitable and enterprising professionals, provided with theoretical and practical knowledge, with competences for the design and implementation of different technological alternatives in community systems. Cations Knowledgeable of methods, techniques, tools and good practices to operate with science, transmission systems (wireless or wired), in addition, to be prepared to advise, manage and optimize networks, infrastructures, protocols and interfaces of Communication at different levels of the general architecture of the new generation networks, with the ability to enhance the capacity and availability of telecommunications services.

Fields of Action

Telecom professionals can perform in areas such as:

Telecommunications consulting and consultancy

  • supervisor en proyectos de telecomunications
  • Network Infrastructure Consultant
  • Auditor of telecommunications companies
  • expert in quality and radio standards
  • adviser in techniques for the development of telecommunications
  • Advisor in RF Systems

Telecommunications Technologies

  • Engineer in RF operations and
  • antennas
  • Engineer in project development and telecommunications solutions
  • Engineer in
  • spectrum use improvements
  • Networking Engineer
  • AIngeniero in Satellite systems
  • Technical Specialist in broadcasting
  • expert in new generation networks
  • Specialist in structured cabling and ¬ fiber optic
  • Remote Sensing Systems specialist

Telecommunications Project Management

  • Telecom Project Manager
  • production manager of
  • Technologies
  • Director of telecommunications services
  • Technical Manager in
  • network infrastructure

Curricular Mesh

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