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Computer Science

RPC-SO-43-No. 885-2016 of November 30, 2016-in-person mode

Facultad de Sistemas, Telecomunicaciones y Electrónica

Career Description

The computer science studies the theoretical and practical foundations oriented to the development of new technologies (Vision Arti ¬ cial, intelligent systems, ubiquitous systems, distributed computing, information security, among others), from a vis Ion paradigmatic scientific ¬ CA oriented to the search of knowledge, contributing in this way to the expansion of the knowledge in its discipline and promoting the development of the strategic sectors like social welfare, education, entertainment, sector Business, government, productive sector and environment.

Exit Profile

A computer graduate from the UEES is a bilingual and innovative professional, trained to contribute to the development of the society with Integral solutions to problems related to their discipline, in the national and global context, through the use and ¬ cient of the Technology, applying quality standards and considering the aspects of social, economic and environmental responsibility, framed in the ethical and the moral. The set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values given in the UEES, allow the professional to provide services in any organization of goods and services, both in the public, private and social sectors.

Fields of Action

Computer professionals can perform in areas such as:

Technology Evaluation

  • Auditor de TI
  • Technical Advisor of
  • Systems
  • Technology Project Consultant
  • Technology Project Advisor
  • IT governance consultant
  • Computer security Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • expert in quality management

Software and Infrastructure

  • Software Systems Engineer
  • Mobile Application Engineer
  • Web Application Engineer
  • Designer and Video game specialist
  • Software Architect
  • Web Master
  • Computer security Engineer
  • Database Designer and administrator
  • User Interface Designer
  • Systems Information manager
  • Web Technology Manager
  • Web page Manager
  • Computer security Engineer
  • Test Engineer (Tester)
  • Data Analysis Specialist
  • Experto at Datawarehouse
  • e-Commerce specialist
  • ERP Specialist
  • expert of platform operations of Big Data

management of technological projects

  • Systems Manager
  • Chief Information Of ¬ cer
  • Director of project management of
  • technology
  • Director of Software Architecture management
  • Director of technological plani ¬ cation
  • IT Resource manager
  • Systems Change Management
  • Strategic plani ¬
  • Software Project Manager

Curricular Mesh

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