Enrique Ortega Moreira School of Health Sciences


RPC-SO-32-No.534-2018 of September 5, 2018 - In-person mode

Facultad de Ciencias Médicas Enrique Ortega Moreira

Career Description

To form dentists with a high academic capacity with knowledge and application of current trends in modern dentistry, ethically responsible with high values of patient care and well-being. Promoting scientific research to solve the problems that arise from globalization, applying ethical and social responsibility standards.

skills to be obtained

  • ability to integrate knowledge of basic, preclinical and clinical sciences in the diagnosis of pathologies and their etologías, evaluating the prognosis and effective treatment plan for each specific case.
  • Apply diagnostic and technical procedures to analyze and interpret findings to define the nature of a problem.
  • apply appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies emphasizing life-saving procedures and applying principles of the best dental evidence.
  • to exercise clinical reasoning to establish diagnoses and treatments.
  • attend common dental emergencies.
  • execute administrative actions according to the public and private health Organization.

Fields of Action

Clinics, hospitals, health centers and subcenters, clinical laboratories, biomedical research labs.

Exit Profile

The graduate of the dental degree will be able to:

  • to execute systematic actions of health promotion through health education activities to individuals, families and communities, in accordance with the programs and work plans of the Ministry of Health at the primary level.
  • to execute the actions inherent to the hygienic prophylaxis – epidemiological contained in the objectives of the programs and plans of work of primary care, directed to promote, to prevent, to protect and to restore the oral health of the population.
  • use a clear and comprehensible language with their patients, families, community in benefit of understanding their intervention in the integral field of health.
  • identify health programs and their actions at different levels of care.

Curricular Mesh

Admissions 2021