Enrique Ortega Moreira School of Health Sciences

Nutrition/ dietetics

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Facultad de Ciencias Médicas Enrique Ortega Moreira

Career Description

The nutrition and Dietetics race, with 9 years of experience, form integral professionals, trained to face the nutritional problems in the clinical and communitarian field. In the years of study they develop professional competencies that allow to integrate knowledge of the basic sciences of the Nutrition, food Sciences, clinic and Communitarian health.

The graduates in nutrition and dietetics, graduated in the UEES, apply the knowledge in the development of research on nutritious and innocuous foods. These are aimed at solving the basic problems of nutrition for individuals, families and the community at large.

skills to be obtained

In the food sciences:

  • develops innovations in healthy and nutritious food products at the domestic and industrial levels.
  • identifies and interprets the transformations that the food suffers with the processes of preparation and elaboration.
  • uses nutritional principles and other food components to prevent and treat non-communicable nutritional and chronic diseases.
  • researches foodstuffs through the techniques of analytical chemistry, toxicology, food Microbiology, to the sensory evaluation of food.

In clinical and community nutrition:

  • determines and applies nutritional requirements and recommendations at all stages of life.
  • interprets the different forms of expression of the nutritional state in the different stages of life.
  • carries out nutritional attention to individuals, families and the community through actions to promote health, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the disease.
  • interprets the biological, psychological and social processes that in Uyen in the process of malnutrition.
  • provides food-nutritional care for recovery and rehabilitation for different pathologies.
  • predicts, diagnoses and controls nutritional status in the healthy and sick individual at all stages of life.
  • IdentiCA The characteristics of the community to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the population.
  • respects, values and interprets the customs and beliefs of the community in relation to the determinants of nutritional status.
  • intervenes in the communities through food and nutritional programs that improve the quality of life and reduce the prevalence of diseases in the population.

Exit Profile

A graduate of nutrition and Dietetics, whose professional performance responds to the social demand, the needs of the individual and collectivities through the training scientific ¬ CA, investigative, technical and humanistic with a holistic vision in the field of health, Nutrition, food, safety and food sovereignty, with the capacity to intervene and to manage in promotion, prevention, attention, treatment and timely recovery, in different fields and sectors, within the framework of the current public policy, with The vocation of service, innovation and the ability to work in free professional practice or as a member of an Inter and multidisciplinary team.

Fields of Action

  • nutritionist in hospitals, clinics and health centers.
  • nutritionist in public and private institutions such as nurseries, schools, older adults homes, maternal homes, etc.
  • nutritionist Private, exercising at home.
  • Nutritionist at fitness and sports centers.
  • Educator for health, in the food and nutritional field.
  • Manager of food processing centers.
  • Food and beverage analyst at Laboratorios de Bromatology, microbiology, dietetics and sensory food evaluation.
  • Nutritionist in food companies, exercising in research, development and innovation of products.
  • researcher..

Curricular Mesh

Admissions 2021