School of Engineering

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering trains future engineers with an innovative vision, under an entrepreneurship and research perspective and strong commitment to the application of their knowledge following ethical, ecological and humanistic values for a sustainable development, with a thorough and comprehensive education that encourages them to achieve competitiveness and globalization. Graduates will be able to solve engineering problems with outstanding quality.

Our faculty members are highly qualified professionals with remarkable professional experience, who foster students to take part in research and outreach programs where they can develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

The labs and workshops are permanently upgraded with state-of-the-art technology for the correct academic development and technical training.

Our international agreements open doors for internships, technical courses and exchange programs in foreign universities.

The vision of the College of Engineering is to reach excellence with academic rigor, becoming a national and international benchmark while assuring a great performance level and high employment rates for our graduates.

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