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Accounting and Auditing

RPC-SO-27-No.527-2017 from August 2, 2017 - Face-to-face modality

Contabilidad y Auditoría

Description of the Career

The Accounting and Audit career of the UEES involves education, training, practice and research with an inclusive, ethical and humanistic approach. The degree includes studies related to functions and processes derived from business management, including marketing, administration, production and financing activities. The study methodology involves the analysis of scientific articles, conference proceedings, success stories of companies, talks and exhibitions with recognized national businessmen. All this will allow the student to insert himself in the business world in an effective way, being entrepreneurship and research the axes of his training.

Differentiator Value

Teaching staff with experience in the different fields of studies of the career; all with a master's degree and / or doctorate. Laboratories equipped with statistical programs and simulators. International agreements are a unique opportunity to generate academic and professional networks. International academic missions. Talks and lectures given by national and international experts. Technical visits to public and / or private institutions. Entrepreneurship Days.

Competencies to be Obtained

  • Able to exercise criticism and self-criticism through reflection, mastering and applying state-of-the-art technology and languages.
  • Ability to integrate into interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Conflict management and ability to adapt to new situations.
  • Identification of opportunities to create companies or business units.
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize technical-administrative scenarios.
  • Resource management and management.
  • Assumption of risks.
  • Strategic perspective.
  • Orientation towards the result.

Egress Profile

The professionals of the degree program in Accounting and Auditing will be trained to formulate and analyze technical reports in the areas: accounting, financial and tax; which will allow you to achieve better internal and external control of the company. The graduate in Accounting and Auditing will be a responsible professional and aware of the needs of society, to generate quality of life and collective benefits depending on society. Likewise, they will have the skills of quantitative, accounting, economic, financial and audit analysis to strengthen the capabilities and potential of the company.

Fields of action

  • Interpretation, evaluation and project management.
  • Start your own business.
  • Perform in administrative, accounting and financial positions in national and multinational companies.
  • Conduct consulting and financial and accounting consultancies in the private sector, nationally and internationally.
  • Carry out an audit process within companies.

Curricular mesh

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