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Foreign Commerce

RPC-SO-09-No.107-2018 Of February 28, 2018 - In-person mode

Comercio Exterior

Career Description

The career of foreign trade forms professionals able to contribute to the economic and productive transformation of the country, supporting the development of the strategic sectors for the search of integrated trade at national and international level, Respetand or cultural diversity and collaborating with a more egalitarian, fair and environmentally-concerned society. The methodology involves the study of scientific articles, conference proceedings, analysis of successful cases of Ibero-American, Anglo-Saxon and European companies, with lectures and exhibitions with honest, successful and socially responsible businessmen.

Differentiating value

  • has a teaching staff with experience in the different fields of studies of the faculty; all with Master's degree and/or doctorate.
  • Laboratories equipped with statistical programs and simulators that allow to develop professional competencies.
  • international conventions, they are a unique opportunity to generate academic and professional networks, allowing the student to enter into a globalized business world.
  • international academic missions.
  • talks and lectures dictated by renowned national and foreign professionals.
  • technical visits to public or private institutions.
  • days of entrepreneurship.

skills to be obtained

  • identification of opportunities to create companies or business units abroad.
  • capacity for analysis and synthesis of commercial scenarios.
  • capacity to adapt to new situations, environments and cultures.
  • Management and management of resources.
  • assumption of risks.
  • decision making with strategic perspective.
  • critical capacity.
  • orientation towards the result.

Exit Profile

  • identifies the most suitable alternatives for solving problems in the field of foreign trade.
  • dominates the tools and techniques to assess potential risks and benefits within an international context.
  • capacity and ability to research and evaluate new international business niches.
  • adapt to the changes in the globalized world.

Curricular Mesh

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