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Alexandra Villacís

  • Alexandra Villacís
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RPC-SO-30-No.562-2017 del 23 de agosto de 2017 - Face-to-face modality

Facultad de Derecho, Política y Desarrollo

Description of the Career

To train lawyers with solid ethical and humanistic foundations, with the capacity for analysis, critical reasoning and argumentation to solve legal problems, to develop skills in general and specific knowledge of law, with orality as one of the challenges that must be addressed. meet the lawyer. Therefore, the output profile is adjusted to a level of professional competence to be successful in the legal field with a high degree of social commitment.

Specific Objectives

  • Understand contemporary systems of law to consolidate a contextualized perspective in the lawyer in formation.
  • Analyze legal, local, regional and national problems in order to be able to intervene assertively in the generation of possible solutions.
  • To train professionals who conceive and practice the practice of Advocacy as a true social function, tending to avoid and solve legal-social conflicts.
  • Foster in the lawyer the respect, defense and promotion of human rights to contribute to the consolidation of the Constitutional State of Rights and Justice in Ecuador.
  • Generate theoretical reengineering processes and promote spaces for constant academic practices, for the acquisition of competences that integrate theoretical knowledge with reality.
  • Encourage the use of methodological tools that allow lawyers in training to face the reality of their profession from a critical-reflexive perspective.
  • Interpret and apply the general principles of Law and the legal system.
  • Be aware of the ethical dimension of the legal professions and social responsibility of the graduate in Law, and act accordingly.
  • Consider the relevance of the use of alternative means of conflict resolution.
  • Know a foreign language that allows efficient performance in the legal field.
  • Be committed to Human Rights and the social and democratic State of Law.
  • Ability to decide if the circumstances of fact are sufficiently clear to be able to adopt a decision based on Law.
  • Demonstrate critical awareness in the analysis of the legal system.
  • Compose texts and express oneself orally in a technical and technical language, using precise and clear legal terms.
  • Make reasoned legal decisions.
  • Apply criteria of scientific research in their professional activity.
  • Act in a loyal, diligent and transparent manner in defending the interests of the people you represent.

The labor insertion of the professional in law, will be given in the following fields:

  • Litigation
  • Consulting / Consulting
  • Teaching / Research
  • Jurisdictional Function

Curricular mesh

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