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Media Production

RPC-SO-15-No.211-2018 of April 18, 2018 - On-Site Modality
RPC-SO-23-No.350-2018 of June 20, 2018 - On-Site Modality

Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación

Descripción de la Carrera

The Bachelor's degree in production for media is based on the current need, required by the different communication channels; of have trained and competent professionals in planning, development and management of audiovisual contents that cover the different existing spaces of media communication.

The management of audiovisual content services and products are applied in the practice with the necessary technologies: high definition cameras, cabins for audio and video editing, television studio, radio production booth and MacHaus, (Apple computer lab) required for the reception of classes, in such a way that students will be able to participate proactively in multidisciplinary work teams, as well as training for possible business ventures and independent project management, which allow you to be in the country in a relevant position from a research, human talent training, content production and use of appropriate technologies.

The institution has specialized teachers in the area and with wide career, whose institutional responsibility will be to train the student to serve society, enacting the environments necessary for learning under teaching, research and linking.

Skills and Skills

  • Skills to manage multidisciplinary teams.
  • Correct handling of oral and written communication in Spanish and English.
  • Understanding the importance of the profession and social responsibility for Provide solutions in the service to society.
  • Competences for planning, development and content management. High impact audiovisuals, regardless of the medium that requires it.
  • Understanding the process of production, production and post-production of audiovisual product.
  • Ability to apply and use technological trend tools for the development of audiovisual content.

Egress Profile

The graduate degree in production for media will be in ability to:

  • Direct the contents of audiovisual production for any medium of communication.
  • Analyze and evaluate the needs of an audiovisual production according to the pre-established budget.
  • Establish the organization of multidisciplinary teams according to the requirement of an audiovisual project.
  • Effectively allocate the necessary resources in a production audiovisual.
  • Apply existing communication technologies in proposals communicational.
  • Know the audiovisual language required in content production communicational.
  • Manage projects in the area of ​​competence with methodological principles coming from formative research.
  • Produces communicational solutions under the use of digital tools.
  • Implement digital editions of sound and video required in the process of audiovisual productions.

Fields of Action

  • Director / Manager of audiovisual content.
  • Director / Manager of audiovisual and digital production.
  • Director / Editorial Manager.
  • Director / Manager of post production.
  • Director / Production Manager of Canal de Televisión.
  • Director / Manager of production department of Advertising Agency.
  • Content Producer for Community Manager.
  • Producer of contents in departments of companies or institutions, responsible for handling audiovisual content; in the different channels required.

Curricular mesh

Admissions 2021