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Description of the Career


The Marketing - Marketing career of the UEES is focused on forming future      professionals with the right profile to integrate into the business environment, be      public, private or non-profit, opting for managerial positions with      elements that develop entrepreneurship and give initiatives of activities      corporate.


The degree is designed so that, together with the commercial aspects, the future      professional have sufficient knowledge and skills to work as a team      of      other subsystems of the company, such as finance, human resources, projects, among      others, combining strategy and communication as integrated axes of the      institution.


This is necessary in the current professional scenario, given that in reality      companies set up multidisciplinary groups where everyone must be competent,      with sufficient knowledge for the efficient management of their activities.


In the race you will learn to design the strategies and use the tools of      marketing, combining them with avertising communication, acquiring      knowledge      and necessary skills to take on the tasks for business management, the      marketing management and market research, development and analysis of      advertising campaigns within any organization.


Skills and Skills

  • Strategic thinking oriented to the segments served by the company.
  • Skills to manage multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in Spanish and English.
  • Comprehensive understanding of education to understand the impact of     solutions     of his professional career in the global, economic, social context,     technological     and environmental.
  • Skill to apply knowledge, techniques, skills and tools     updated in graphic design and visual communication.
  • Analyze and interpret the client's needs and apply the results     in     the optimization of the visual communication process.
  • Adapt knowledge in the management and development of design projects, advertising and marketing.

Egress Profile

The graduate of the Marketing - Marketing career will be able to:

  • Design Marketing strategies focused on customers.
  • Managing the effective processes of promotion, marketing, as well as sales of goods and services of any company.
  • Direct institutional communication and its impact inside and outside the organization.
  • Identify characteristics valued in markets for the development of new products or introduction of improvements in products or services existing, both local and international.
  • Manage your own marketing projects as a consultant and consultant within of any organization.

Fields of Action

  • Manager or executive of high and middle management in functional areas of marketing Y advertising.
  • Manager or executive of high and middle management in sales areas.
  • Entrepreneur and administrator of marketing and advertising companies.
  • Brand and product manager.
  • Media manager.
  • Specialist in the design of commercial and advertising strategies traditional and digital.

Curricular Mesh - Digital Marketing

Curricular Mesh - 360º Communications

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