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Graphic Design

RPC-SO-27-No.526-2017 of August 2, 2017 - On-Site Modality

Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación

Description of the Career

Graphic design career prepares creative, entrepreneurial and ethical professionals that exercise the discipline that makes it possible to visually communicate the information, facts, ideas and values ​​useful to man and the society in which it develops. Apply graphic design knowledge for the development of communications visual and audiovisual, website development, corporate image, supports graphics and editorial projects for print and electronic media, through the mastery of technological tools, the development of concepts.

Graphic design career creates multidisciplinary professionals focused on the development of skills in the area of ​​project planning and management, besides the conception and creation of companies that can obey the demands of society and are generating employment.

Skills and Skills

  • Skills to manage multidisciplinary teams.
  • Comprehensive understanding of education to understand the impact of solutions of his professional career in the global, economic, social, technological context and environmental.
  • Skill to apply knowledge, techniques, skills and tools updated in graphic design and visual communication.
  • Analyze and interpret the client's needs and apply the results in the optimization of the visual communication process.
  • Sufficiency to apply the tools and means of communication in their projects and plans that allow an adequate communication management from the graphic perspective.

Egress Profile

The graduate of the degree in graphic design is able to:

  • Evaluate and design visual and graphic messages, supported by solid knowledge of communication and design.
  • Valuing national and foreign professional projects, developing skills, knowledge and skills in order to generate improvements in the visual communication.
  • Generate graphic and advertising pieces, applying creativity and judgments of value based on trends and styles that are created in communication integral.
  • Apply knowledge and use of new technologies according to trends avant-garde design and communication.

Fields of Action

  • Creative director in advertising agencies.
  • Art director.
  • Designer in advertising agencies, design studios, media in general.
  • Illustrator of various types of publications.
  • Advisor of graphic aspects in websites, magazines, books and newspapers.

Curricular mesh

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