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Description of the career

The main objective of the bachelor's degree in psychology is to train professionals with an integrating scientific approach, imparting a solid humanistic education, of justice, equity and solidarity, which allows them to act in an ethical, committed, autonomous and creative way in attention to the integral development of people and human groups, through the implementation of intervention strategies to provide psychological care, both individually and in groups, using the theories, methods and techniques of behavioral science.

Differentiator Value

Today, the tendency and need to train professionals who can not only understand or evaluate the phenomena associated with the nature of human behavior, but also these professionals capable of managing positive changes in people, groups, communities, has been increasing. , companies, etc. The Bachelor in Psychology, is a pioneer in Ecuador with this approach that is international trend, because it provides students with a broad vision, in terms of content that facilitates the understanding of human behavior, as well as the acquisition of diagnostic tools and intervention that will allow the professional to use them in a creative and innovative way adjusting to the problem and work environment, also, gives the student the option to choose from the multiple and diverse branches of psychology, to deepen and strengthen the knowledge and techniques acquired.

Competencies to Obtain

The career professional "Bachelor in Psychology" of the UEES, will be able to contribute with his work in:

  • Provide the student with the different theoretical and technical bases of evaluation, interpretation, diagnosis and intervention in the field of development and human action.
  • Provide the student with research methods and techniques that allow him to generate relevant contributions in his field.
  • Introduce the psychology student in the different approaches and fields of action of the profession, which allow him to recognize the importance of his role as an agent of change, and social cohesion, considering the diversity and interculturality of the environment, justice, equity and solidarity, following the guidelines of the National Plan for Good Living.
  • Desarrollar redes de aprendizaje, mediante las cuales se comprendan y estructuren los procesos cognitivos, sociales y biológicos, y la manera en que estos tienen influencia en la conducta del ser humano y que se reflejan en las diferentes etapas del ciclo vital.
  • Develop learning networks, through which cognitive, social and biological processes are understood and structured, and how they influence the behavior of the human being and are reflected in the different stages of the life cycle.

Egress Profile

Clinical Psychology:

  • Mental health and rehabilitation.
  • Work in child care agencies.
  • Diagnostic evaluation and therapy.
  • Psychological evaluation of behavior, for purposes of characterization, understanding, explanation and decision making.
  • Promotion of the quality of life.
  • Prevention of alterations, behavioral risks and / or dysfunctions of human behavior.
  • Resolving attention.
  • Applied research in the field of human behavior.
  • Attention to risk behaviors.

Organizational Psychology:

  • Human resources areas: Contribution in all subsystems of the human resources area, and solution of the organization's own phenomena. Ex: Compensation and incentives, Attraction, Recruitment, Selection and retention of personnel, Development and career plans, Training, Leadership, Work climate, etc.
  • Marketing areas of different companies. Analysis of consumer behavior, design of customer acquisition strategies based on their profile and behaviors.

Fields of Action

  • Wide field:
    Social Sciences, Journalism, Information and Law.
  • Specific field:
    Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Detailed field:

Curricular mesh - Organizational

Curricular mesh - Clinic

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