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Initial education

RPC-SO-35-No.717-2016 of September 28, 2016 - On-Site Modality

Early Care - Special Education - Initial Bilingual Education

Educación Inicial

Description of the Race

The career in Early Education Sciences is aimed at training professionals committed to education and socio-cultural contexts in which children from 0 - 5 years old develop. The curriculum is designed from an innovative perspective, following the most recent pedagogical trends for the development of professional, ethical and social skills. In order to meet the needs, development, comprehensive education and child care from the gestation stage to 5 years, designing educational plans and programs as well as curricular adaptations, which encourage a harmonious development of cognitive, affective and social aspects, that promote and enhance attention to special educational needs, attention to diversity and inclusion. The course lasts 4 and a half years, including the titling process.

Differentiator Value

  • Agreements with national and international educational institutions.
  • International exchanges with more than 40 universities.
  • Pedagogical classroom, early stimulation room and Gesell Chamber for meaningful learning through practice.

Competencies to Obtain

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education is a specialist in early childhood education capable of planning, implementing and evaluating relevant and relevant educational processes, constantly relating theory and practice that are based on their professional work, valuing the diversity and fostering the participation of families and communities. He is characterized by being an ethical professional, autonomous, reflective and critical, who researches on his teaching practice in order to improve it, to learn and update himself permanently, committed to quality education in early childhood.

Egress Profile

  • Assumes a leading role in the educational process and its context.
  • Design and implement innovative, playful and creative teaching strategies.
  • Design and select teaching resources to facilitate teaching-learning processes according to the age group.
  • Design and take effective measures for the specific needs of the child in the educational process, considering the cognitive, physical and socio-affective aspects.
  • Plan based on the curriculum teaching-learning processes based on interests, potential and needs of children to organize activities within the daily work.
  • Master the knowledge related to the care, development and evolutionary characteristics of children from 0 to 5 years old.
  • Master the Educational Technology and incorporate Digital Competencies in their professional practice.
  • It promotes the linking of the school with the family / community to promote the integral development of the children.
  • Master the theoretical and technical foundations of educational execution and evaluation planning.
  • Understands and supervises didactic and pedagogical aspects of academic programs.

Fields of Action

  • Public and private educational institutions, nurseries of hospitals, child care centers, early stimulation centers, NGOs, kindergartens.
  • Areas of the educational direction.
  • Educational research organizations.
  • Universities and teaching centers.
  • Evaluation and educational / psychopedagogical assessment / inclusive and special education.
  • Industries of educational material for children.

Curricular Mesh - Early Care

Curricular Mesh - Special Education

Curricular Mesh - Initial Bilingual Education

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