School of Liberal Arts and Education Sciences

Plastic Arts

RPC-SO-27-No.527-2017 of August 2, 2017 - On-Site Modality

Artes Plásticas

Description of the Race

Third Level Program (Degree) that trains professionals in Plastic Arts, bilingual, creative, able to respond to the artistic-cultural needs of society.

Differentiator Value

  • Teaching staff with a degree in the specialty.
  • Painting Lab.
  • Drawing Room.
  • First university in the city that started this degree.
  • Teachers with international experience.
  • Application of active and participatory methodologies.
  • Artistic presentations of cultural diffusion.
  • Master Class with artists and teachers of great international trajectory.
  • Agreements with artistic institutions.
  • Participation in Biennials.

Egress Profile

  • Performs artistic techniques in areas of painting, sculpture, engraving and drawing.
  • Participate in artistic-cultural research.
  • Demonstrate work habits necessary for the development of the profession such as teamwork, persistence, academic rigor, creativity.
  • Implants processes of creation in techniques and materials in artistic-plastic compositions.
  • Design, manage artistic-cultural projects.
  • Advise assemblies and pictorial exhibitions.
  • Apply knowledge of a second language if required.
  • Prepare a class with plastic arts techniques.

Fields of Action

  • In Galleries.
  • Museums.
  • Cultural centers.
  • Visual art centers.
  • Visual art institutions.
  • Schools.
  • Historical art archives.
  • This profession currently covers many occupational spaces and areas in the labor market.


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