Medical dispensary


Daniela Molina

  • Daniela Molina
  • 2835630 ext. 113

Medical dispensary

The UEES Medical dispensary gives integral medical attention to the student community when ambulatory or immediate medical attention is required and/or preventive attention is needed, based on principles of quality, warmth, efficacy. The dispensary has an adequate physical and technological structure and accredited medical personnel.


The Medical dispensary is in building E, in the ground floor.

Student Medical Registration Form and Medical Examinations order

All UEES students must register their medical data in their medical registration sheet during their study period, and must have auxiliary medical examinations for diagnosis to compete their medical sheet, which will be evaluated by the medical personnel on a date that will be designated later.

For this purpose, student should take advantage of the 25% discount that is offered by Laboratorio Clinico Arriaga, using the UEES-Red Links alumni ID card.

Access to the medical examination order