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José Macuy

  • José Macuy
  • 2835630 ext. 103


One of the purpose of Student Welfare it purports to maintain constant communication with alumni, who continue to be a part of UEES, and are as important as students. That is why updating their information is crucial and requires regular polls or the filling of questionnaires that can be found in the web page.

Alumni is an organism created specially to maintain through time the UEES graduate links.

Alumni must understand that they are a part of the UEES. Their alumni ID card entitles them to a number of services and special benefits, curtesy of UEES.

Alumni may complete and update personal and professional data in this section. These are the benefits that accrue to Alumni:

  • Free subscription to the UEES Journal Podium, which reports on the latest advances in academic research.
  • Free preferential Access to our institutional campus and to its modern facilities, namely restaurant, cafeteria, Baru, auditorium, chapel, medical dispensary, parking areas, ete.
  • Sports complex, where alumni may enjoy areas for aerobics, boxing, gym, swimming pool, sports fields for foot-ball, basket-ball, volley-ball, field and table tennis, ping- pong, badminton, chess and athletic track.
  • Access to discounts in purchases in over fifty brands and outlets that are a part of the REDLINKS discount chain, affiliate with UEES, which is accessed by cardholders. REDLINKS, afiliada a la UEES (incluida en tu credencial).
  • Fifteen percent discounts in Master’s Degree tuition and discounts in Graduate programs, Continuous Education and Distance Education. Thanks to these discounts, alumni may remain professionally updated.
  • Invitations and cost-free registration to special events such as lectures, chats and forums with local and international speakers of great professional importance.
  • Invitations to labor fairs.

Upon graduation, students will automatically get their cost-free alumni ID card. To get this card, the office is open from 09h00 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 19h00 and may be contacted by Red Links at the Secretary General’s office. Alumni may use this card to access all benefits.

Alumni are hereby invited to follow us in Facebook, in our account Bienestar UEES in order to keep fully informed.