Espiritu Santo University

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UEES is an upper education institution that submits an international academic offer without leaving Ecuador. Our numerous international agreements allow students to combine or further their studies in the best universities of Europe, Asia, and America.

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1 Degree courses
1% Postgraduate Professors
1% Students in public sector positions
1% Students employed in the private sector
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Alumni opinions

Know what UEES alumni think about their years of study at the university and about how this study has served them in their personal and professional lives.

Modern university campus

Top level studies are experienced in a comfortable environment and beautiful socialization areas and a fully equipped campus:

There is a fleet of busses owned by the university; the busses have Internet Access.

There is ample parking space which has full-time vigilance.

Access system is safe and has closed circuit biometric security.

Student living quarters are comfortable and safe.

Infirmary and medical assistance are available to students.

Sports complex is over 5,000 square meters. It has a swimming pool, a gym and sports fields.

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