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Pruebas de inglés 2022

The School of International Studies prepares national and international students to be successful in all aspects of their lives in a changing world through international careers and programs which will enable them to lead, live and interact sensitively and effectively with persons of other languages and cultures, as well as develop the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding, analyzing, and interpreting international events.

Viernes, 07 de enero10:00E07
Viernes, 18 de febrero18:00F18
Viernes, 11 de marzo10:00M11
Viernes, 22 de abril16:00A22
Viernes, 20 de mayo10:00M20
Viernes, 10 de junio18:00J10
Viernes, 15 de julio10:00J15
Viernes, 19 de agosto18:00A19
Viernes, 09 de septiembre10:00S10
Viernes, 14 de octubre16:00O14
Viernes, 18 de noviembre10:00N18
Viernes 09 de diciembre16:00D09